A senior UN official in New York resigns over the “genocide” of Palestinian civilians | United nations

The director of the Workplace of the United Nations Excessive Commissioner for Human Rights has resigned from his publish, protesting that the United Nations is “failing” in its obligation to stop what he classifies as a genocide of Palestinian civilians in Gaza below Israeli bombing and citing the USA. The UK and most of Europe are “totally complicit within the horrific assault”.

“This might be my final contact with you” in his position in New York, Craig Mokheiber wrote on October 28 to UN Excessive Commissioner in Geneva, Volker Türk, saying.

“As soon as once more we’re witnessing genocide unfolding earlier than our eyes, and the group we serve appears powerless to cease it,” Mokheiber wrote.

He mentioned the United Nations had failed to stop earlier genocides towards Tutsis in Rwanda, Muslims in Bosnia, Yazidis in Yemen, and Rohingya in Myanmar, writing: “Excessive Commissioner, we’re failing once more.”

“The present mass slaughter of the Palestinian individuals, rooted in a colonialist ethno-nationalist ideology, a continuation of a long time of systematic persecution and cleaning, primarily based completely on their standing as Arabs… leaves no room for doubt.”

“This can be a textbook case of genocide,” Mokheiber added, saying the US, UK and most of Europe “not solely refuse to satisfy their treaty obligations” below the Geneva Conventions, however are additionally arming the Israeli offensive and offering political and diplomatic cowl for Israel. He. She.

Journalists and teachers began Post the messageContent material to X, previously generally known as Twitter, on Tuesday afternoon.

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